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  Lectures and Seminars


Preceded Lectures and Seminars


23. – 24. March, Warnemünde

22. – 23. June, Warnemünde

21. – 23. September, Friesenheim

7. – 8. December, (noch keine Ortsfestlegung)


24. – 25. March, Friesenheim, Germany
„Systemdiagnostik nach Dr. Cornelissen“

7. – 8. July, Warnemünde, Germany Strandhotel Hübner
„Degeneration u. Mitochondropathie“

17. – 18. November, Hamburg, Germany
„Kopf- und Körperherde: Hierarchie und Bedeutung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Zahnsystems“

April – May 2017
Seminars in Shanghai and Hongkong, China


29. – 30. October, Hamburg, Germany
“Practice-Seminar of Mitocondropathy”

1. – 3. October, Almeria, Spain
The range of diagnosis and therapy of Mora Nova

30. September – 3. October, Almeria, Espagna
New findings about tumor research”

13. – 29. August, Beijing, China
“New findings about tumor research”

16. – 17. April, Cologne, Germany
„Degeneration and cancer“. New ways of diagnosing and treatment with Mora-Nova

15. – 17. January, Rostock, Germany
„New way of looking of Mitochondropathy“


15. – 16. November, Cologne, Germany
„Tumor-Diagnostik u. Tumor-Therapie, neueste Erkenntnisse.“, (in German language)

24. – 25. October, Istanbul, Turkey
„A milestone in the tumor-diagnosis and tumor-therapy“, (in English language)

3. – 4. October, Friesenheim, Germany
„Demenz u. M. Alzheimer, neue Wege zur Frühdiagnostik und Behandlung“

14. – 29. September China, Beijing
„The very newest findings in tumor diagnosis and tumor therapy“, (in English language)

25. – 26. July, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
„Ein Meilenstein in der Tumor-Diagnostik und Therapie“

23. – 25. May, Istanbul, Turkey
"Systemdiagnosis“ A new way to check the entire organism to find the „inner logic“ of every disorder, english language

11. – 12. July, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
„Das Zahnsystem u. seine Vernetzung im Organismus inklusive Herdproblematik“


29. October, Friesenheim, Germany
„Einführung in die neue Technologie des Mora Nova“

25. October, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
„Dental diagnosis and potential detection of dental focus with Mora“

10. – 12. October, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
„How to determine, whether the tumor has spread metastases and in which organ“, (English language)

25. – 27. September, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
„New findings in diagnosing and therapy of malignant tumors with Mora", (English language)

20. - 21. September, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
„Newest findings oft the tumor diagnosis and therapy with the Mora technology“

1. – 3. June, Rostock
„Tumour-Diagnosis, Therapy and avoidance of relapses”,
Exclusive Chinese seminar

21. – 22. February, Rostock, Germany
Mitochondropathy and the new “Mora-Nova”
English seminar

14. – 15. February, Rostock, Germany
Handling and use of the new “Mora-Nova”.
English seminar

4. – 7. February, Rostock, Germany
Introduction of the new device „Mora-Nova“
English seminar


9. – 14. December, Rostock, Germany
English seminar: New findings in diagnosis and therapy concerning the MORA-Super.

16. – 17. November, Rostock, Germany
„Mora-Nova“ a new dimension of the Bio-resonace-Therapy

18. – 19. October, Rostock, Germany
„System-diagnosis upgrade” with the involvement of emotional distress

8. – 11. September, Offenburg, Germany
„Presentation of the new equipment generation „Mora Nova“

5. September, Cologne, Germany
„Neurodegeneration” M. Alzheimer, M. Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis

23. – 25. May, Olten, Switzerland
"Mitochondropathy, a new access to the cancer-problem"


15. October, Cologne, Germany
“The diagnostic and therapeutical spectrum of the Mora-Technology”

23. – 25. November, Toledo, Spain
"Allergies, Pseudo-Allergies, Masked Allergies and Fodstuff-intolerances in diagnosis and therapy by means of Bioresonance"

September, Zürich, Switzerland
(exact date will be published later),
"Allergies, Pseudo-Allergies, Masked Allergies and Fodstuff-intolerances in diagnosis and therapy by meanms of Bioresonance"

6. June, Maastricht, Netherland
"A quantum leap of the allergy diagnosis and allergy therapy",
Mora-diagnosis as a comprehensive system for the determination of all species of allergies.

15. – 17. March, Offenburg, Germany
"Allergy, intestinal tract and immune system" The three pillars of a succesful allergy/intolerance therapy.

24. February – 2. March, Taipeh, Taiwan
"M. Alzheimer and dementia. Potential factors for the development, testing and therapy".
"Mitochondropathy, a new access of the cancer problem"

8. Februar, Rostock, Germany
a) "The new Basic-regulation-program" b) "The palm-measurement for a better validation of the points".

3. – 4. February, Cologne, Germany
"Is M. Alzheimer and dementia a civilisatoric disease?",
Diagnosis and therapy-strategies


19. – 27. November, Taipeh, Taiwan
"The range of Mora-diagnosis and Mora-therapy"

1. – 3. Octobre, Moscow, Russia
New findings concerning the allergy diagnosis and therapy with regarding the intestinal immune system

24. – 25. September, Poland
"New findings of the Mora-Diagnosis", Allergies, Neoplasma and dementia

3. – 5. July, Offenburg, Germany
New aspects of Allergies, Intestines and Immune System
Seminar for foreigners, English language

19. – 23. May, Beijing, China
"System-Analysis" according to Dr. Cornelissen

13. – 14. May, Switzerland
"The significance of the intestines for allergies, M. Alzheimer and Depression"

25. – 27. March, Offenburg, Germany
"System-analisys, a new access to check the entire organism"

5. – 7. March, Istanbul, Turkey
"Systemdiagnosis and the avoidance of metastasis after surgery of malignant tumours", english language


7. – 9. December, Rostock, Germany
"Morbus Alzheimer and dementia - complementary treatments", Spanish seminar in spanish language

2. – 4. December, Rostock, Germany
"Chronic Colitis, Crohn´s disease - complimentary strategy of treatment", Skandinavian seminar in english language

24. – 26. September, Budapest, Hungry
"Dementia and M. Alzheimer, new access to the therapy."

7. – 9. June, Rostock, Germany
"Dementia and M. Alzheimer, new access of diagnosis and intervention"

3. – 5. June, Bad Homburg, Germany
"Mitochondropathy - a breakthrough in cancertherapy and -diagnosis?"

7. – 10. May, Rostock, Germany
"Mitochondropathy in theory and practice"

26. – 28. February, Offenburg, Germany
"Degeneration and Cancer, Diagnosis and Therapy"

12. – 16. February, St. Petesburg, Russia
"System-Diagnosis, advanced level"


6. – 10. November, Istanbul, Turkey
"System-Diagnosis and Mitochondropathy"

23. – 30. November, Taiwan
Dental foci and their impact onto the organism. Significance, target and determination by Mora-Technology

14. – 15. November, Rostock, Germany
"Dementia and Morbus Alzheimer"

30. October – 1. November, Madrid, Spain
International congress "Cancer - the great plague of mankind"

9. – 11. October, Offenburg, Germany
"System Diagnosis, a new way to detect the primary causes of disorders" International congress of Mora-Therapy (english language).

23. – 25. October, Toledo, Spain
Seminar "Mitochondropathy - a new access to the cancer problem"

7. – 9. May 2009, Zug, Switzerland
"System-diagnosis and Mitochondropathy"

6. – 8. April, Budapest / Hungary
"Mitochondropathy as a fundamental pillar of emerging cancer and the avoidance of cancer"

3. – 5. April, Xian, China
"Allergies and pseudo-allergies in industralized countries."

28. – 30. March, Rostock, Germany
"Dementia and M. Alzheimer, Pathways of early detection before any morphological alteration"

20. – 21. March, Cologne, Germany
"Systemdiagnosis as a holistic diagnosis"

6. – 8. February, Offenburg, Germany
"Dementia and M. Alzheimer, Pathways of early detection before any morphological alteration"


19. – 29. November, Taiwan and China
"Mitochondropathy - the revolution in the cancertherapy?"

17. – 19. October, Hungary, Budapest
"Mora-System-Diagnosis for advanced Practitioners"

4. – 5. October, Switzerland, Zug
"Mitochondropathy, a new approach to the cancer problem"

19. – 21 September, Spain
"Mitochondropathy and cancer - more than a new hypothesis"

30. May – 1. June, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
"A new cancer-hypothesis as a chance of prevention and prophylaxis of malign tumours"

21. – 27. April, Taiwan and China:
a) "Foci as a cause of systemic disorders"
b) "Mitochondropathy"

12. – 13. April, Poland
"Mitochondropathy, cancer and Mora-Diagnosis/-therapy"

15. March, Rostock, Germany
"Introduction in to the System-Diagnosis"
Theory and practice

28. February – 1. March, Rostock, Germany
"Colortherapy and Mitochondropathy"
in english language

15. – 17. February, Offenburg, Germany
"Mitochondropathy, the cause of cancer?"
Presentation of the new book "Mitochondropathy as the cause of cancer and the chances of the Mora-Diagnosis" by Dr. Cornelissen


12. – 14. October, Roma, Italy
The System-Diagnosis, a comprehensive method of diagnosing hidden causes of disorders

6. October 2007, Dortmund, Germany
"Obesity - the new epidemic disorder"

28. – 30. September, Budapest, Hungary
The Holistic Approach and Meaning for the Cancer Problem

29. June – 1. July 2007, Rostock, Germany
Seminar Advanced Level: "Hormones, Environmental Toxins & Cancer. An overview"

6. – 8. June, Madrid, Spain
"Degeneration, Cancer and Mora"

14. April, Berlin, Germany
"Hormone-Dysbalancies and Cancer"

22. – 24. March, Offenburg, Germany
"System Diagnosis", Part II
in english language

26. – 28. January, Offenburg, Germany
Civilisation Diseases & Test-technique"

18. – 21. January, Madrid, Spain
"System Diagnosis", Part II


6. – 8. Dezember, Warsaw, Poland
"Stress, Angst, Depression u. Mora"

25. – 26. November, Barcelona, Spain
"Systemdiagnostik nach Dr. Cornelissen"

18. November, Berlin, Germany
"Demenz, Alzheimer u. Mora"

25. – 28. Oktober, Offenburg, Germany
"Degeneration, Cancer and Mora"
in english language

14. Oktober, Dortmund, Germany
"Hormonaktive Chemiekalien, Krebs u. Mora"

21. – 24. September, Madrid, Spain
"Die Systemdiagnostik zur Detektion verborgener Krankheitsgenesen"

28. – 30. Mai, Poland
"Fokalprozesse im Kopf u. Körper. Versuch einer Hierarchisierung"

20. – 22. Mai, Madrid, Spain
Hispanischer Kongress für holistische Medizin. My Topic: "A new way of detecting hidden disorders by electronic akupuncture measurement"

12. – 14. Mai, Niederlande
"Degeneration, Krebs u. Mora"

24. – 26. April, Shanghai

21. – 23. April, Hongkong
"Die Systemdiagnostik in Theorie u. Praxis"

17. – 20. April, Taipeh, Taiwan
"Die Systemdiagnostik in Theorie u. Praxis"

9. April, Dortmund, Germany
"Adipositas als Ursache von Multi-Morbidität"

11. – 12. März, Posnan, Poland
"Kopf- u. Körperherde als Ursache von Multi-Morbidität

26. – 28. März, Offenburg, Germany
"New aspects in detecting the tumour-inducing milieu"
in english language

26. – 28. Januar, Offenburg, Germany
"Testmöglichkeiten des tumor-induzierenden Milieus im Rahmen der Mora-Diagnostik"


3. Dezember, Berlin, Germany
„Atopien, wirklich ein unlösbares therapeutisches Problem?“

24. – 25. November 2005, Warsaw, Poland
„Die Möglichkeiten einer computergestützten Ganzheitsdiagnostik“

15. – 19. November 2005, Moskow
„Neue Strategien einer holistischen Diagnostik“

15. November, Berlin, Germany
„Die Atopien Neurodermitis, Asthma bronchiale, Heuschnupfen“

26. – 28. Oktober, Friesenheim, Germany
Internationales Seminar
„Neue Erkenntnisse in der Systemdiagnostik“, in english

15. Oktober, Dortmund, Germany
„Hormone, Krebs in der Mora - BRT“

7. – 8. Oktober, Friesenheim, Germany
Fachfortbildung für Moratherapeuten: „Umweltgifte im Alltag“

23. September, Bonn, Germany
„Kopf- u. Körperherde. Eine kritische Gewichtung des Herdgeschehens“

22. September, Lublin, Poland
„Chaosforschung u. nicht-lineare Prozesse als Grundlage einer neuen Diagnostik u. Therapie“
in english

4. – 5. Juni, Friesenheim, Germany
„Systemdiagnostik“, „Krebs, Degeneration u. Mora“, in englischer Sprache

29. April – 1. Mai, Posen, Poland
„Tumordiagnostik, Prophylaxe u. Nachsorge“

9. April, Dortmund, Germany
„Die Systemdiagnostik in der Bioresonanz“

22. – 23. Januar, Friesenheim, Germany
„Systemdiagnostik“, „Krebs, Degeneration u. Mora“


18. – 19. Dezember, Universität Krakau, Poland
„Hormonaktive Chemikalien, Hormon-Ersatztherapie“.

20. November, Berlin, Germany
„Nonverbale Psycho-energetische Testung“

9. Oktober, Friesenheim, Germany
„Die Systemdiagnostik nach Dr. Cornelissen“

18. – 19 September, Bad Meinberg, Germany
„Kongress der Internationalen Ärzte-Gesellschaft für Biokybernetische Medizin“.
My topic:
a) „Depression – die zukünftige Geißel der Menschheit?“
b) Workshop „Das neue Testsystem und Testset zur Früherkennung von Tumoren“

„Krebs als Folge von hormonellen Dysbalancen u. hormon-aktiven Chemikalien“


Brasilien, Rio de Janeiro, Universität für "Holistic Medicine"
Kopfschmerz u. Migräne im Rahmen eines ganzheitlichen Therapiekonzepts

„Kopf- u. Körperherde? Ihre pathogenetische Bedeutung im Rahmen einer Integrativen Medizin“


Australien, Sydney und Melbourne
a) Die neue Systemdiagnostik als universelle Primärdiagnostik
b) Tinnitus – Neue Wege zur Therapie auf holistischer Grundlage

Canada, Vancouver und Calgary
„Die Umweltbelastung als zentraler Faktor bei Multimorbidität“