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About me

Dr. med. dent. Gottfried Cornelissen, born 1942 in Essen, Germany

  After successfully finishing his A-levels, Dr Cornelissen trained to become a chemical laboratory worker. With this he laid the foundation become for his later research.
  University course in medicine and dentistry
  Doctorate(PhD) in pharmacology
In the early seventies he opened a dental clinic and worked as a GP in Essen for 25 years.
In the late seventies Dr Cornelissen started to specialize in “alternative dentistry”. He intensely researched “amalgam” and other dental materials. At the same time he concentrated more and more on complementary medicine, which he is now practicing.
1983 Certification "Dental Homeopathy"
1984 License to Practice as a Homeopath
1985 Certification "Neural Therapy"
1986 Certification "Dr Voll Electro-Acupuncture “
1988 First contact with bioresonance and Mora-Therapy
1993 Starting a series of bioresonance seminars and giving presentations
eveloping the so-called system diagnostics by Dr Cornelissen based on Mora-Therapy, which is being developed continuously.
organising international symposia, workshops and presentations on Mora-Therapy. Organising seminars abroad: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey