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In the last 100 years modern medicine has become increasingly specialised. For this reason the human being has also been split into different sections. This has led to specialized doctors pushing their patient around like balls in a pinball machine. The specialized physician may be very competent in his field, however, it often happens that the sick person does not get a good enough overall diagnosis.

A good overall diagnosis is very important as humans have an interlinked regulation system, in which everything is with everything connected. This means that illnesses are often not coincidental and isolated processes, but they obey an “inner logic”. Discovering this inner logic is the aim of our "Systemdiagnostics".

With my system the original source of an illness can be detected. Let’s take a painful knee: a painful knee is not necessarily a case for an orthopaedic surgeon but maybe more for an internist, who should check the gall function, which, in acupuncture, is connected to the knee. This means that a malfunctioning gall could have a painful impact on the knee.

“Where from” and “from what” are the key words when looking for the origin of a problem. Never focus on one symptom because:

“The place of symptoms where it hurts is seldom the place of origin!”