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Testing Procedure

The testing procedure is based on traditional Chinese acupuncture and its philosophy. It follows the idea that everything that exists is connected. There are no isolated entities. We believe that all human organs and senses are somehow connected as the human being itself is in constant interplay with both nature and society.

As needle acupuncture has proved to be a successful therapy worldwide I will not go into discussing its effectiveness. All acupuncture points have a defined connection to the inner organs, which means that by treating the points the organs can be influenced.

But our test procedure does not involve needle acupuncture, which can be a bit uncomfortable at times. We measure the acupuncture points electronically as exactly these points differ from the immediate surrounding of the points.

These measurements help us to find out more about the conditions of the organs, i.e. we can tell whether the organ in question is inflamed or has drifted into the degenerative range. In this way we can see whether a patient suffers, lets say, from arthritis or an arthrosis.

As there are points for all organs, organ systems, nerve and hormone systems the whole organism can be checked in detail without spilling blood. Via forming a hierarchy of the stressed organs the source of the problem can be detected. By this way the patient can find a start to his therapy and diagnosis:

Doctor, I am feeling so ill and nobody knows why!