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Dr. Cornelissens System Diagnostics

By dividing the entire medicine or better the person in many isolated fractions a general assessment of the situation and state of the patient is not possible. This is where system diagnostics starts: At first we are not really interested in the patients current condition but we want to locate the weakest organs by using a funnel system. Once this is done we find out how badly the organ is affected. The third question is: What is the problem with the organ? For example are Are the intestines the worst affected organs - an the disease "Morbus Crohn"?

The next step is to test all possible medical areas for a possible exposure. For this we also use a funnel system, which means we move from general diagnosis to specialised diagnosis. Here are a few examples:

Electro smog geopathy excessive acidity
Stomach / Intestine problems Fungal infection of the intestines problems with metabolism
Food allergies breathing allergies other allergies
Environmental pollution metals (amalgam) viruses / bacteria
Hormonal problems micro elements vitamins
Indication for tumour focus psyche / stress

The next step is to assess all important organs. In this way we can find out whether the coronary artery, the valves, myocardial muscle or conduction system are affected. Differentiating these problems is very important for therapy.
All in all the System diagnostics described here can be called causal medicine. Due to its success it is applied in more than 40 different countries.

System diagnostics is used to discover hidden health problems that are difficult to identify due to unclear laboratory results or clinical tests.

Its principle is based on a quantum mechanical awareness that all existing matters does not only have an “in rem” aspect but also an oscillation aspect, which is even more specific than its material counterpart. Every substance has a defined and specific oscillations. The Mora diagnostic is using these characteristic by taking off the oscillations with electrodes and analyses them via an electronical device.