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The treatment spectrum in our surgery is very broad. Here is a list of the treatments on offer:

Our main areas of treatment

» Early diagnosis and aftercare of tumours.
» Dementia and Morbus Alzheimer

further treatment spectrum

» Allergy Test and Therapy
» Anti Aging
» Orthomolecular Medicine
» Asthma bronchiale
» Electro-Smog / Geopathic Stress
» Joint problems, Osteoporosis
» Hay Fever
» Hormone Test and Balancing
» Climacteric, Menopause
» Cancer-Prophylaxis and Aftercare
» Loss of Energy / Exhaustion / Fatigue
» Stomach / Intestine Problems
» Migraine, Headache
» Tooth testing / Material Testing
» Illnesses of civilization

Our main areas of treatment

Early diagnosis and aftercare of tumours.
In the last 40 years there was no significant progress concerning the therapy of solid tumours like cancer of the colon, lungs, breast and prostate in spite of immense expenditure. This disappointing balance calls for a critical assessment of the entire theoretical approach of the recent genesis of tumours.

  • Could it be, that the only fixation of the change (= mutation) of the cell nucleus (= DNA), is the completely wrong track?

  • Could it be that the mutation of the cell nucleus is not the primary and causal event of the genesis of a tumour, but represents a secondary phenomenon, namely the mitochondropathy?
What are mitochondria? They are called by mistake as “chemical plants” of the cells, because all the energy for the entire body is produced here.
According to new research a damage of the mitochondria can be the primary cause to develop cancer, because after a damage of mitochondria the reproduction of DNA is induced enormously with the consequence that by the high growth rate mistakes may occur which may lead to a cancer-triggering mutation. The good news: Pathological processes in the mitochondria are mostly well known and they are accessible to complementary treatment. By this the development of the tumour could not take place respectively that metastasis can be avoided.
A true landmark in the cancer diagnosis, prophylaxis and avoidance of metastasis represents - by me developed – a detailed and exact, computer-supported “Cancer Diagnostic System”.

This Diagnosis-System permits the exact quantitative assessment of the current tumour situation and its gravity. Besides that the probability of metastasis and recurrences can be detected and be treated.

By means of this pioneering Mora-diagnosis the difficult question can be answered whether the tumour is a primary tumour or already a metastasis. Or the determination where the primary tumour is located. An extensive test-set of medications permits the conversion of the findings in to the therapy.

Dementia and Morbus Alzheimer
As everybody knows the dementia and M. Alzheimer will produce the greatest problems concerning the hospital stuff and the high expenditure in the future. A therapy by the conventional medicine is not known. Astonishing and worth thinking is the fact, that the dementia represents a real problem only in industrialized countries. So we can conclude, that the origins are the consequence of our “civilized” way of life with all the disadvantages.

By the Mora-diagnosis and a special test-set all burdens and stresses on the brain can be analyzed and the first beginning of the dementia can be stopped, which started at the age of 45. All brain areas can be detected meticulously, whether burdens or deficits are present, especially in the brain area, e.g. deficits of orthomolecular substances, blood circulation problems in the brain, environmental stresses, which are preferably acting there. After the analysis an individual medication composition is checked for the treatment. Tests are especially recommendable to persons, who are loaded by their family. Beside the diagnostic test-set a therapeutic test-set is included.

further treatment spectrum

Allergy Testing and Therapy
Classic acute reactions (medically speaking it is the IgE allergy type) to allergy triggering substances have become less frequent in the last few decades, whilst intolerances to various substances have increased significantly. In the US more than 50 per cent of the population suffer from allergies. These allergies are difficult, or impossible to detect. This is where Mora comes in. This procedure is specialised in finding substances that are non-beneficial to the health of a patient. It is even possible to quantify, which means the scale of any intolerance can be determined. It can also be determined the effect of any treatment and can be evaluated whether a special kind of treatment is effective.

Every anti-aging therapy (we actually prefer the term "Well Aging") consists of the optimal supply of micro nutrients (vitamins, micro elements, amino acids) and the elimination of pollutants. Both fields are tested individually and accordingly treated. Giving hormones can also be a good treatment. However, taking hormones can cause problems if the dose is not suited to the actual deficiencies. For this reason the individual daily doses are determined for all hormones needed. The doses are being checked regularly and adjusted, if necessary.

Orthomolecular Medicine Therapy with micro food
Processed food, which is nowadays widely available, only contains a limited amount of vitamins, micro elements and other essential substances. Even fruit and vegetables have a limited amount on substances due to growth accelerators and over fertilizing.
If we don’t take in enough micro nutrients our immune system cannot work properly and is unable to get rid pollutants. This makes the body more susceptible to infections and degenerative illnesses such as cancer. With our therapy we set up an individual nutrient profile, which is being updated regularly as the body might need less expensive micro nutrients once it is getting used to a different and healthier lifestyle.

Asthma Bronchiale
Asthma Bronchiale makes the mucous membranes of the breathing system more susceptible to infections, especially to pollutants from household and environment. These pollutants are determined and neutralized by applying Mora diagnostics. In this way treatment is mostly successful, which means the dose of drugs with side effects can be lowered. Tested homeopathic drugs and micro nutrients compliment the therapy. Children respond to this treatment particularly well, which means an illness can be treated for good.

Electro-Smog / Geopathic Stress
The organ mostly affected by this is the brain. The symptoms can be abnormal behaviour, memory loss, depression, lack of energy etc. It has been proven that our health can be influenced by electric and electro magnetic fields. There have been cases where cancer has been found in people over generations occurring in certain houses. These houses were built on so-called geopathogenic zones! In order to diagnose this Mora is applied. It gives tips on how to eliminate these stresses

Joint Problems, Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is no longer due to the lack of calcium but to the fact that the organism is not able to utilize the calcium properly. In women osteoporosis is no longer due to lack of hormones. Latest research in the USA shows that hormone replacement therapy often leads to strokes, heart attacks, breast cancer, cancer of the uterus and cancer of the ovaries. Osteoporosis normally happens systematically and relates to the whole organism.

Treating hay fever is one of the most successful therapies of the Mora procedure. Its success is not only due to determining the pollen but also to identifying pollutants in the air, such as acid rain and ozone, which are neutralised by Mora. The fact that the cases of hay fever have increased is mainly due to air pollution. The pollutants irritate the mucous membranes of the breathing tube, which leads to them losing their protective effect and pollen having an effect.

Hormone Testing and Balancing
Mora diagnostics enables us to put together a detailed profile of all relevant hormones. Some of them are (also see anti aging): Cortisol, DHEA, Melatonine, Serotonine, -Estrogene, Progesterone, Testosterone, Thyroid Hormones and others. If a hormone has to be substituted the daily dose can be determined in mg in a way that its effectiveness is guaranteed, however, an overdose will be avoided. I would like to point out that hormones are only substituted by natural hormones. In this way we avoid the wide spectrum of side effects synthetic hormones can have.

Climacteric, Menopause
Most women suffering from menopausal problems can be helped with natural means. This is determined by testing. If a woman needs hormones we will only use hormones after the woman has been tested individually.

Cancer Prophylaxis and Aftercare
With the help of a new test we can detect degenerative tendencies in an organism at quite an early stage, which gives us the chance to treat it accordingly. We think that cancer is not a local event but but it is a systematic one, which affects the whole organism. A tumour is only its local manifestation. Supplying the organism adequately and eliminating pollutants is the best prophylaxis against the creation of a malign tumour as well as preventing a relapse (thereby 80 per cent of patients die after a successful operation.) We recommend a prophylaxis check every two years.

Loss of Efficiency / Exhaustion / Fatigue
These problems are often associated with age. However, this is hardly ever true and if they are not due to a deficit in the micro nutrients supply these symptoms are most likely linked to a problem in the stomach or intestines. After re-stabilizing the system the improvement is often significant. However, environmental pollutants can also have a negative impact on the brain structures.

Stomach/Intestine Problems
The intestines are the root of every human being. Only if our intestines work perfectly we can be absolutely healthy as 80 per cent of our immune system is located there. Fungus in the intestines is a widely spread and serious problem as it normally destabilizes the whole system. The fungus normally comes from modern civilization food (especially sugar), antibiotics and cortisone. Exhaustion, fatigue, headache, skin and joint problems are possible consequences. Fungal decay is often described as a chameleon as it can trigger symptoms of many illnesses. However, modern medicine does not take fungal decay seriously enough, which means that the patient often goes from doctor to doctor without achieving anything. Other treatment areas are Colitis Ulcerosa and M Crohn.

Migraine, Headache
Migraine is often an intestine ache that has been projected to the head, which means the original problem lies within the intestines. Other causes for headaches are allergies, food intolerances and certain ingredients. Once the source of the problem has been identified the patient can be cured quickly.

Tooth Testing / Material Testing
It is a well-known fact that sick teeth can trigger various illnesses. Joint problems, rheumatism, headaches, gynaecological problems are only some of the illnesses caused by teeth. However, amalgam and other materials used in dentistry can cause disturbances. Who would know that palladium, which is often used for bridges, can cause thyroid problems? Due to his experience in dentistry the author has good knowledge in this field.

Civilisation Disease
These illnesses are mainly caused by processed and nutrient-poor food as well as environmental pollutants and stress at work and at home. The hormonal dysfunctions causing stress are worked out in detail and strategies to eliminate this problem are given.