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Procedures used

We use different procedures depending on the individual situation of the patient.

» Dr. Voll Electronic Acupuncture
» Mora-/ Bio Resonance Therapy
» Measuring Drugs and Substances
» Diagnosing and Treating Environmental Aspects and -Therapy
» Homeopathy / Phytotherapy

Volls Electronic Acupuncture
In 1955 German physician Voll developed the Electro-acupuncture. This was based on the principle of Chinese acupuncture, which is thousands of years old. Voll converted these old finding into a modern western system. Voll found out that the points used in Chinese acupuncture differ significantly from the very close environment when electrically measured, which is due to the electrical resistance of the skin. With the different measurements he was able to diagnose the organs assigned to the various points. Furthermore Voll managed to integrate Chinese natural medicine into a scientific system. Voll’s acupuncture can be considered the most mature, comprehensive but also most complicated diagnose procedure in complementary medicine. It is used all over the world
The measurement technique used in Mora broadly uses the basics of Voll’s complex system.

Mora-/Bioresonance-Diagnostics and -Therapy
The method had its inception in 1977 after development by the German physician Dr. Franz Morell and electronics engineer Mr. Erich Rasche from whose names the name MO-RA originated. This bioresonance is now being used all over the world.

The Principle
When someone is allergic to a substance in food, e.g. to Kiwi, the Kiwi’s oscillations are found in the tissue. When we take off the oscillations of a real fruit and reflect it electronically, which means moving it by 180°, and lead it electronically back to the patient electronically the damaging oscillations will stop. According to physics two oscillations of the same frequency and amplitude neutralise each other. By applying this procedure the allergy triggered by the Kiwi is being neutralised.

Measuring Medicine / Substances
Mora Therapy can detect whether a body is allergic to certain substances, no matter whether food allergies, breathing allergies, environmental substances or testing drugs.

Diagnostics of the Environment / Pollutants
As I trained to be a chemical laboratory worker I have always been interested in chemistry and how chemistry can affect the environment. Over the years I have developed a comprehensive systematic test that runs to identify pollutants and allergies. This becomes increasingly important as there are now more than 5 million synthetic chemical substances. The relevant pollutants are being determined via so-called funnel diagnostics and are later quantified, which allows a risk assessment.

Homeopathy / Phytotherapy
These two areas are obviously fully integrated in our surgery. Apart from orthomolecular therapy they are the main pillars of our therapy, The "non-verbal prescription" is important for deciding which medicine to choose, which means the drugs are not prescribed accordong to the patients answers to our questions but according to the results of the Mora test.